Our goal, each and every day, is to consistently exceed our clients expectations with our commitment to excellent professional service.

Our goal, each and every day, is to consistently exceed our clients expectations with our commitment to excellent professional service.

Nightingale Lawn & Landscape LLC

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Nightingale Lawn & Landscape LLC is a hard-working business that will maintain your property at an affordable cost. We offer high quality, dependable services to keep your home or business looking beautiful during every season. Nightingale Lawn & Landscape LLC is a licensed and fully insured landscape company for Mountain Grove and the surrounding areas in Missouri. We offer specialized services in many facets of the lawn care business. Our focus is on keeping our customers’ valuable property improved, perfected and maintained to meet the expectations for each property owner.

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While living in Arkansas, at just 14 years old, I began working with some of the members of our church who owned landscaping companies. I learned how to mow grass and plant shrubs and quickly realized that I liked this work. When I was 16 my folks moved to Missouri and I had various types of “inside jobs” as well as working in construction, but these jobs weren’t for me. At that early age, I realized my passion was to work outside improving the landscape. For as long as I can remember my dream was to have my own landscaping business.

To fulfill my dream, while working on other various jobs, I started my fledgling landscaping business and began caring for my neighbors’ yards. The culmination of my experiences and the creation of my new business convinced me more than ever that this is the career direction I needed to take. You see, I just love making outdoor properties look their best.

Since starting my business, I’ve immersed myself in learning about proper landscaping techniques for both maintenance and design/build work. As the years passed and my business grew, I realized I needed a “home” for it. In 2014, I purchased a two-acre piece of property with an office and shop. Today there are 15 team members working in Nightingale Lawn & Landscaping, including my brother Delayne, who serves as the operations manager for our maintenance crews. What I appreciate most about my company is we all share the same passion, and that’s to improve the landscape of God’s green Earth.

On my personal side I married the love of my life, Sherilyn, in April of 2011. Our son was born four years later. My wife shares my enthusiasm for my business and you never know, our son may even work with me one day.

I have been working in my business now for some 14 years with no regrets. I look forward to work every day, look forward to helping my clients improve their properties and I look forward to growing my business. With growth brings the opportunity to help my team mature and grow in their careers. I also enjoy the calls from my clients with compliments on how beautiful their properties look. For me, that’s what it’s all about.

Nightingale Lawn & Landscape LLC

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The owner got right back to me after I called and left my message!

Great service! Honest, courtesy staff!

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