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Having Problems With Moles?

Moles Everywhere

Pesky moles can turn your pristine and beautiful lawn into a bumpy mess seemingly overnight. These small, burrowing creatures can wreak havoc on your lawn, leaving unsightly molehills and tunnels in their wake. If you’re tired of battling moles and want to reclaim your lawn’s beauty, then we’ll discuss a few ways that you can greatly reduce or potentially even eliminate this pesky little problem. But first, let’s make sure that moles are your problem.

Identifying mole activity

Before taking action, it’s important to determine whether moles are indeed the culprits behind the damage in your lawn. Look for raised ridges of soil, molehills (mounds of loose soil), and tunnels that connect them. These signs are typical indicators of mole activity. And they can have damaging effects on your lawn like shown in this image. Differentiating mole damage from that caused by other pests, such as voles or gophers, will ensure you choose the most appropriate control methods as well.

Natural deterrents

If you prefer eco-friendly solutions, several natural deterrents can discourage moles from invading your lawn. For instance:

1. Castor Oil: Now, I know what you may be thinking, but many people stand by this method. Moles dislike the taste and smell of castor oil (much like humans), so mixing it with water and applying it to the affected areas can help repel them. Amazon even sells some labeled as a mole and vole repellent.

2. Mole Vibration Stakes: Mole repellent devices emit vibrations that mimic the movement of predators. Placing these devices strategically can make moles feel unsettled and encourage them to relocate. This method can be expensive, and isn’t always effective. Some people love this method, b whereas others see little to no benefit at all.

Physical Barriers

Creating physical barriers can prevent moles from accessing your lawn. Some effective methods include:

1. Installing underground Fences: Constructing a fence made of wire mesh or hardware cloth below the ground can deter moles from tunneling into your lawn. This is very labor intensive, and may or may not work depending on how deep you installed the cloth or mesh.

2. Lining planting beds: Placing wire mesh at the bottom of the planting beds can deter moles from burrowing up into your garden.


While we personally don’t use these methods, there are both Live traps where you can relocate the moles and scissor traps which eliminate the moles. We tend to not use these methods as they aren’t always effective and they can be dangerous for others and pets.

Professional Assistance

If all else fails or if you prefer to leave the mole control to the experts, seeking professional assistance is more than appropriate. Both pest control and lawn/landscape companies specialize in dealing with mole infestations and can provide effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. How can a lawn and landscape company help? Great question! We have actually seen a lot of success in getting rid of their main food source. And what to moles really love to eat? Fat, juicy grubs in the ground. What we end up doing is spreading a grub control repellant on your lawn and allow that to get rid of any grubs that may be living under your soil. This doesn’t harm the moles outside of simply removing their main food source, and encourages them to find food elsewhere. Now this is something that you can even do yourself. Stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot carry grub control products that you can spread yourself on your lawn. The only difference is that retail stores can only sell a more diluted product from what a licensed company can get their hands on.


Maintaining a mole-free lawn requires a combination of persistence, strategy, and choosing the most suitable control methods. Whether you opt for natural deterrents, physical barriers, trapping, or professional assistance, the key is to remain patient and consistent in your efforts. By following these tips, you can bid farewell to those pesky moles and restore your lawn to its pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space once again.

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